All bookings are initiated and generated through our web page

Our actors can be requested directly for a shoot, invited for a casting appointment, or requested for a filmed casting by our staff.

Members detail their request in their personal dashboard, by filling out the form which corresponds to their need.

Requesting an actor for certain date(s) will automatically generate a pending request status in their respective calendars. Please note that more than one member may request the same date for an actor. In such a case, a ‘first come, first serve’ rule will be applicable. It is not possible to request an actor for dates which are booked (red).

After submitting the request, we will contact the member within 24 hours in order to initiate the planning surrounding the request.

For booked actors, members undertake to forward the script well in advance of the casting appointment or the first day of shoot, depending on which is the request. This is important in order to allow the actor ample time to rehearse. Further, members undertake to always treat the performing actor with respect and professionalism.

The contract between the Actor and the member shall be settled at the latest three days before the first shoot day. Should this not be possible due to short notice deals, closure of the contract may have to be settled directly in connection with the shoot or shortly thereafter. In such a case, a letter of intent or e-mail confirmation shall be seen as binding.

Invoicing shall be conducted directly following the shoot and will settle both the actor total fee and CA’s commission, both of which will be detailed separately. Invoices are due for payment within 30 days from the date of issuing. Late payments will be charged monthly at 5% plus administration fee.