Commercial Actors Agency International, (hereinafter “Agency”) is an Agency specializing in conveying services for actors internationally within the field of Commercial Productions. The Agency offers its services primarily through its webpage where clients can open a membership account, giving them access to advanced search parameters including, but not limited to, on-line availability calendars and actor fee ranges.

  • 1. All material as displayed on is exclusively owned by the Agency and may in no way be copied or sold to any third party.
  • 2. By accepting these terms and conditions, in accordance with the Swedish personal records law SFS 1998:204, §10, the registrant gives approval to the Agency to register the member’s data and using it to the extent it sees necessary to provide the services of the home page.
  • 3. The services of the Agency, offered through its web page or any other way, are addressed to persons and/or companies with the aim of engaging actors for the sole purpose of delivering a service within the field of professional acting.
  • 4. A general membership grants access for one user employed by, or in another way directly linked to the member’s business. It is possible to add individual users through the purchase of additional unique users within the same membership. Individual user names and passwords are personal and may under no circumstances or any way be passed on to any third party. Current membership fees can be found on under section “Pricing and Fees”.
  • 5. Member status is granted upon registration of business data and payment of the membership fee, through a direct payment on the web page. The Agency has the right to reject memberships, for any reason, this by shutting down the membership, should they find the member unfit for membership status. In such a case a pro-rata money refund will be granted in connection with shut-down of the membership.
  • 6. Membership purchase is binding for the period which the payment covers. No refunds will be granted should the member wish to stop his or her membership status prior to the normal date of expiry.
  • 7. The member does not have the right of withdrawal from the purchase as services, which the webpage grants a member, can be consumed instantaneously.
  • 8. It is strictly prohibited to sell or pass on personal membership licenses to any third party, for any reason.
  • 9. Any violation of member obligations shall be settled within the Swedish judicial system with the Stockholm District Court as the court of first instance.