• Membership Fees
    • The site is open for all, but with limited access to its content and usability for visitors. Gaining full access to our services requires obtaining member status through opening an account with us. Opening an account allows full access to our FILTER AVAILABLE ACTORS tool as well as to our actors’ minimum FEE RANGES and AVAILABILITY CALENDAR.

  • membership fee is set at the equivalent of EUR 300 per year.Basic membership is valid for one (1) user. Additional users can be linked to the membership for EUR 75 per year. All additional users gain access to their own dashboard. Additional users are purchased from the member’s dashboard.

    It is also possible to purchase a monthly membership for one user. Monthly memberships are priced at EUR 40. The first month will be charged at EUR 140, this in order to safeguard that all members are industry professionals.

  • Actor Fees
  • Adult actors represented by Commercial Actors are all priced within three different minimum fee ranges. A single actor’s minimum fee range may vary depending on season and airing market. The accepted minimum fee range is set by the actor him/herself, meaning the actor in general accepts jobs within the minimum fee range chosen at this certain time. Valid minimum fee range at a given time is dependent on when in time an actor’s services are requested and on which market. Individual minimum fee ranges can be found through the filter process and/or on the actor profile page.

    The minimum fee ranges are based on 1 shoot date, 1 country, one year buyout, and 2 media. Any buyout which differs from this standard, will be calculated differently and negotiated separately.

    All Actor fees are gross amounts, including individual social security (i.e. invoice amounts).

  • Agent Fee
  • For actors as displayed on, Commercial Actors Agency will charge a fee corresponding to 20 % of the total gross billing on assignments secured by the actors.

  • Filmed casting of selected CA actors is priced as follows:
  • 1-5 actors, 120 EUR per actor

    6 actors and above, 100 euro per actor

    Above fees include actor compensation.