About us

Commercial Actors is a Talent Agency & Platform showcasing hand-picked professional international actors mainly for, but not limited to, commercial productions globally.

Actors are either signed directly with Commercial Actors as an Agency or through a collaboration with other agencies.

The platform´s purpose is to display the actors and their profiles, and provide customers with online filter tools for an efficient casting process.

Commercial Actors´ team actively suggest actors for upcoming projects and market their performances in industry newsletters and on social media.

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Actors´ Advisory Board

About Our Actors

Commercial Actors´ platform showcases professional international actors as well as rising talents for advertising and drama productions, ranging from amongst other; Commercials, Infomercials, Voice-Over, and Motion Capture to Television and Cinema productions. All our actors are handpicked to safeguard the quality demanded by Casting Directors, Advertising Agencies, Production Companies, and End Customers.

Our actors guarantee that their appearance will be in line with what is displayed on the actor profile page, and that they will act responsibly and with respect when working on a project booked through Commercial Actors.

The number of actor profiles will continue to grow over time, covering more nationalities and diversity with different characteristics to safeguard a sound mix of hand-picked international actors.


Through the user-friendly filter, clients can match their needs and in a few clicks get updated information on suitable actors. Besides from criteria such as Gender, Age, Languages and Skills, it is also possible to download actor suggestions in pdfs, effectively forward actor profiles to others in the casting process and send actor requests directly through the platform.

For commercial productions there is also a field for Product Orientation, meaning that actors with certain restrictions such as Alcohol, Tobacco or Fast Food will not appear in the filter result.

We listen carefully to the market needs and will develop the platform accordingly. Premium functions for members will be developed over time.